Happiness at work pays off

Build it with Happy Teams! The first App about happiness at work for managers and their teams.

What is Happy Teams for?

Reduced employee turnover

Employee turnover rate is lower in happy teams and they fall ill less frequently (sick leave rate lower by 23%).

Increased sales

Sales teams achieve results higher by 48%.


More candidates apply to join happy teams as the atmosphere at work is one of the key factors which determine their choice of the company.

Better management

Happy people more often become managers and as such they manage people more effectively by applying a kind and firm attitude and professional empathy.

Our mission

Positivity index

In terms of profitability, clients’ opinions, superiors as well as peer appraisal, only 25% of teams prove truly effective. What underlies their success? 1 to 6 positivity ratio (i.e. the ratio of 6 positive emotional experiences to one negative emotional experience), the teams follow others as often as they defend their opinions, team members direct their attention equally at themselves and at others.

However, the positivity ratio of 1 to 3 is already sufficient for the teams to be successful. Do you know that... 80% people in Poland are reported to have the positivity ratio below 1 to 3?


Taking care of your own energy and the energy of others is a priority. The challenge that the manages and organisation face, however, is where do I get that energy from in order to fuel others while being tired and hovering on the edge of burnout myself? How to manage my motivation and the motivation of the team so that the profitability can increase along with job satisfaction?

Happy Teams

While participating in HTs programme the happiness index both in managers and in teams increases significantly. We teach how to hold positive meetings, briefings, performance appraisals and we develop communication skills

Happy Teams is a programme based on three pillars of happiness: a sense of purpose at work, attention to pleasures in a workplace and leveraging the employees’ strengths.

How do we work?

We work live, online and via the application: we are with you only for a while but we appear regularly and everywhere :)

Our training is interactive, the application is engaging and likeable, our coaching reinforces the target behaviour and… the company profits and efficiency are on the rise!


First steps

We visit your company, do some analyses and set business goals.

Next, we provide the training on ‘Happy Teams Design’ and ‘How to be a Happy Dealer’; we provide evidence that happiness at work really pays off.

We familiarise you with Happy Teams Application.


Individual work

We offer a 30-day access to Happy Teams App , a modern tool for the development of managers and their teams.

When using the App, you will be supported with 2 coaching sessions online.


Reinforcement of the results

6 weeks after completing the programme your results will be reinforced at a personal or online meeting.

The App

HTs is the result of the work and research of psychologists, neuropsychologists and programmers.

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Daily habit

Every day as a manager you select 3 interesting tasks to carry out within the following areas:

  • me at work
  • me in a team
  • me after work

All the tasks will take you 12, a maximum of 15 minutes a day.


The tasks are designed to stimulate, engage and improve your mood and they support positive habits formation! At last, you will implement your ideas :)


In HTs you collect points and exchange them for rewards. We give rewards for task completion but organisations may provide individual rewards for outstanding regularity.

Positivity index

Additionally, your positivity index is rising by the day! You can track and evaluate your progress yourself and every week you will receive a detailed report on your activity.

The App personalisation

HTs can be personalised and you can order your personalised layout and name e.g. Happy@PurpleDot.

Meet our team

Agnieszka Ptasińska

Agnieszka Ptasińska

+48 609 455 654

A psychologist, certified PwC Business Coach. An author of scientific studies on employee engagement inspired by a famous Lego experiment by Dan Ariely. She implements modern developmental programmes for companies. A certified Scrum Master; IPMA-D and Prince2 Certificates holder. She graduated from SWPS University where she studied Psychology in English. She loves jogging and growing water melons.

Marta Rolnik

Marta Rolnik

+48 500 090 525

A certified coach and business practitioner. In Poland she implements international and unique standards of customer service and development of emloyees in automotive industry. She is a Transactional Analysis College graduate and a researcher analysing the impact of emotions and stress on work engagement in Polish and Norwegian employees. She graduated from Lodz University where she studied Organisational Psychology.

Happy Team

Happy Team

Happy Team supports clients in their activities worldwide by offering competent and passionate programmers. Each of them has spent the last decade broadening their skills in software design applying a variety of tools and technologies.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I order HTs programme as training only without the application?

Yes, you can. We provide training without the use of Application. Nevetheless, we observe the effectiveness of long-term changes implemented through the Application.

2. Can I buy the Application without the training?

The organisations whose organisational culture has already developed the area of happiness at work or already have their Chief Happiness Officer can buy the Application with a several-hour introductory training. For the organisations which are developing the area of happiness at work it is advisable to undergo 1-2-day training programme in order to fully benefit from the Application potential.

3. Can a company fail to benefit from the programme?

If an organisation has a great deal to do in the area of management (e.g. the company is departing from authoritative/ exploitative leadership style) or is undergoing a massive crisis, the programme should be preceded by another training e.g. change management or managerial training, before implementing HTs programme.

4. What do I do after the training and Application programme are completed?

The programme involves: 1-2 days’ training, 30 days of the Application (which includes 2 online coaching sessions), next, we appear with a follow-up 2 months after you complete using the App.

Naturally, there are further steps, namely, trainig for selected managers in the following areas:

  • train the trainer (how to teach managers about happiness)
  • how to be Chief Happiness Officer / or Happy Dealer in an organisation

We are also available for consultations, immediate interventions and implementation support during the programme as well as after its completion.

5. Can I order a sample of Your work?

By all means yes! We encourage you to contact us and check us and our services :).

6. Who is HTs for?

This tool is for managers but those who benefit from the App include:

  • managers,
  • their teams,
  • managers' personal environment.

Why? Beacause the tasks in App concern these three areas.

Do you want to be happy at work?

Contact us!